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First time I try it, the staff is very friendly , a real authentic Syrian/Palestinian to go Shawarma, Fresh cut Meat from the stand oven to the sandwich , They have a large variety for sauces and toppings I tried there Kebba as well , was also hot just made .. keep it up !!
Eyad E.
My boyfriend and I came in today for the first time and so glad we did! The most friendly service. You can truly tell that they work hard and take pride in what they do! The food is truly delicious. Fresh & homemade. Can’t wait to go back!
Periwinkle O.
I never had good shawerma in Ottawa ever until tonight. It's very tasty and authentic. Strongly recommend it even with the small size it's worth visiting. Thank you for the tasty meal
Mohamed Abokasem
This was honestly by far the most delicious Shawarma I've ever had, nothing in Ottawa I've ever had even close to compares - the falaffal was fantastic as well and everything tastes so fresh. The picture is the small Arabic Shawarma. Not only is it delicious but the price is fair as well, the food is worth more than she charges.
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